May 13 – 14, 2019

Favorite Park Hotel – Mainz – Germany
Close to Frankfurt Airport

The Neuro4D Conference 2019

Drug Discovery for Proteopathic Neurodegenerative Diseases:
New Disease Models, Latest Technologies and Innovative Targets

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no accommodation included

Conference Topics:

The Neuro4D is an international conference on Neuro Degenerative Disease Drug Discovery bringing together drug discovery companies, service and technology providers and academic innovators in the field of proteopathic neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s disease, etc.

This second event will have a spotlight on Parkinson’s disease, where much progress in understanding disease onset, disease progression in the brain and the underlying and accompanying molecular changes, has been made. AD and other indications involving prion-like disease induction and progression will be covered as well. Misfolded and toxic protein aggregates replicating by templating correctly folded monomer proteins, are the common denominator of all these diseases, a view supported by the majority of international experts now. Presentations will cover elucidating the molecular events that result in synaptic loss and neuronal death, as well as neuro-inflammation, which is another common hallmark of neurodegeneration.

The conference differentiates itself by bringing together distinguished industry and academic speakers to update attendees about the state of the art in neurodegenerative disease drug discovery. Biotech and international pharmaceutical drug discovery companies will present their most recent achievements to develop new treatment options and outline the models and technologies used in compound selection and optimization. Service and technology companies will present their platforms and show examples of how their services contribute to the discovery of new drug candidates.

The 2018 event was held in a spirit of open and open-minded discussion and friendly interaction. This was enabled by its limited size, strong common interests, joint expertise and striving for the best organizational quality. One to one meetings at the posters, on the adjacent terrace or park, or in comfortable semi-private seating areas, facilitated personal exchanges.

Based on feedback from the 2018 event, we have created an improved time schedule for 2019 that allows flexible discussions after each presentation and at the end of each session, furthering the collaborative spirit enjoyed in 2018 and keeping a clear and reliable time-schedule.

The 2019 Neuro4D conference will be held again at a high quality hotel, with booked rooms for delegates, including all food and drinks during the entire event, joint social activities and conference dinner with award-winning cuisine at the end of the first day, all included in the conference price.

Call for Abstracts:

Poster abstracts (max. 300 words) are requested before March 10th. They will be evaluated and selected by March 31st. Accepted abstracts of participating delegates will be published in the program. Submit Abstracts in MS Word, or as Email text to the organizer:

Presentations are 10 min, with approximately 5 min for questions. In addition, a discussion with all speakers will take place at the end of each session.

Poster boards have a width of 1.20 m and a height of 1.50 m (with an overall total height of 1.85 m). Posters must have a portrait orientation and be a maximum size of A0 (84 × 119 cm). Poster presenters need to be at their posters during dedicated sessions.


Conference Venue:
Favorite Park Hotel
Karl-Weiser Str. 1
55131 Mainz
Tel.: +49 6131 80 15 0
Corporate Academic  
1490 € 490 € Early Bird
1790 € 690 € Regular
Corporate Online Registration: incl. accommodation and meals
Academic: incl. meals and drinks
Add. nights in conference hotel: 145 €
All prices: + VAT 19%
Early Bird until and including February 15th, 2019
Draft Program:
download2019 Conference Program (PDF) last update: April, 11th
Topics Highlights:
  • Focus on Parkinson’s disease, co-organized and chaired by Andrew West: How new disease insights open novel treatment options.
  • New treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease, co-organized and chaired by Ulrich Demuth: Protein modifications and structural changes central to disease induction?
  • Prion-like-behavior of misfolded protein aggregates and their induced toxicity chaired by Rakez Kayed.
  • Novel Technology Section, chaired by Georg Terstappen.
  • Overview of AD Clinical Trials, by Oliver Peters.
  • Discussion of the most recent discoveries in neurodegenerative diseases.
  • New targets and drug candidates :
    • Novel disease models and target validation technologies
    • In vitro screening on targets
    • In vitro validation in (human) neuronal models
    • In vivo models and biomarkers
Main Sponsors:
Target Audience:
  • Drug discovery experts from biotechs and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Academic experts in proteopathic neurodegenerative diseases interested in drug discovery
  • Service providers with novel models in neurodegeneration
  • Pharma strategists and investors interested in the neurodegenerative field
Advisory Committee:
Andrew West, University of Alabama, USA
Hans-Ulrich Demuth, Fraunhofer Institutes, Germany
Rakez Kayed, U. Texas, USA
Georg Terstappen, Oxstem, UK
Dr. Andreas Köpke (bioExpert)
Tel: +49 6136 957 3000